How to properly adjust table column width



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    Megan Ellis

    Hi William,

    If the column widths do not add up to 100% or the total px width of the table, the add/remove column automatically resizes to take up the remaining space. We have an enhancement ticket (TIP-28383) for our developers to look into improving this behavior for tables.

    In the image, it appears you want each column to be 25% of the total width (not 25px). If that is true, please make sure to add the % sign after each value, e.g. 25% 25% 25% 25%. This should resolve the issue.

    Use %s that add up to 100% or px values that add up to the width of your table (about 660px is the default, this might change if you've changed your form's width property.) If you plan to show/hide columns in use mode, I recommend making the width add up to greater than 100% so that when one is hidden, the add/remove row doesn't expand.

    I hope that helps!



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    William C

    That explains it perfectly. Thank you for the help!

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