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    Megan Ellis

    Hi Anne-Marie,

    One option is to somehow include in the form data which directors are relevant to each workflow, and then use templatized strings to give those directors Who Can Administer the Workflow access control. This will allow them to search for tasks and view the audit trail even if they are not a participant in the workflow. (Keep in mind it also allows actions like modify or abort a task.)

    For example, you might have four hidden fields in your workflow e.g. Director1, Director2, Director3, Director4. You can fill these with a userid or a role at run time based on other data in the flow, such as the employee's department. Then, in the Access Control settings, list these fields in curly braces e.g. {Director1} {Director2}, etc. in either the user or role field (depending on how you are setting them.)

    To fill the hidden controls, you can use a business rule or, what we have seen in many cases is the approval structure set up in a Google Sheet or database, and then integrate with the frevvo Google Connector or frevvo Database Connector to pull those users/roles into the form dynamically.

    I hope that helps!

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