Best way to implement a watermark for a printed form that has not yet been submitted?



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    See this documentation about Print Styles. You can use templatized control values in the Print Header or Footer properties to display a watermark.

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    Jason Miller

    Thank you so much. What I really need to do it conditionally show the watermark/image/warning when I send the PDF as an Activity Document action. Specifically it's a Performance Review sent to a supervisor to facilitate a sit-down meeting mid-flow. I want the PDF to clearly indicate that the review isn't finalized yet. However I do not want that in the final PDF version. Anything I try I either has it all the time, or not all all. I have set it to not printable by default, also tried printable. 

    The system is ignoring any conditional logic about the current step name. Snip: 


    } else if (signatureLevel == 'Supervisor Signature') {
    SBUManagerSection.visible = true;
    DirectorSection.visible = true;
    SupervisorMeetingSection.visible = true;
    AssociateSection.visible = true;
    SupervisorSignatureSection.visible = true;
    Watermark.visible = true;
    Watermark.printable = true;
    if (SupervisorUsername.value == su) {
    SupervisorSignatureSection.enabled = true;


    No watermark (implemented as an style Message) in the PDF.

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