Max user limit is hit when people close browser without logging out.



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    Nancy Esposito

    The recommended solution is to reduce the session timeout on the frevvo tenant. The default timeout for a newly installed frevvo server is 480 minutes (8 hours). You can configure the timeout server wide or override that on a tenant. See Edit Tenant. It's not possible to do this with the API as you had wondered because it's a different session than the browser session.

    Reducing the session timeout will also improve memory usage as abandoned browser sessions (in addition to holding frevvo licenses) will also consume memory if the user was in the midst of filling a form and never submits it. When the session times the frevvo server automatically frees that memory and returns the license to the pool.

    One effect to be aware of if you feel users might take a long time to fill a particular form and might have long pauses between filling several fields. If you do have a form where you expect this kind of user behavior you can prevent the session timeout by having this form send a heartbeat to the frevvo server.

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